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1st AZ Home Inspections begins by taking a picture of the home. The utilities are located and identified.  The foundation is inspected, as well as the exterior covering of the walls.  The Home Inspector for 1st AZ Home Inspections has been trained to inspect and evaluate the home as a series of systems, designed to keep the family safe and secure.

The exterior roof inspection and evaluation is done by walking on the surface and inspecting the covering for damage or signs of poor workmanship. We at 1st AZ Home Inspections will only walk on the surface when safe to do so, when it is not safe the evaluation is done from several vantage points around the home using ladders and binoculars.

The Main electrical panel to the home is also inspected and evaluated. The home inspector from 1st AZ home Inspections is trained to inspect the electrical panel for wiring size, breaker type and size, grounding, lateral or overhead service, along with many more.

Water service type and location of meter/valve are also identified by your 1st AZ Home Inspections professional. The main water shutoff is located, along with identification of the supply pipe type.

Drainage, walls or fences and gates are also inspected and evaluated the 1st AZ Home Inspections professional.

Your 1st AZ Home Inspections inspector will begin the interior inspection with the kitchen. Counters, cabinets and doors are inspected as are under the counter piping and equipment. Electrical systems are checked for suitability and safety. Ranges, cooktops and microwaves are inspected for functionality and safety.

Heating and cooling systems are inspected by your 1st AZ Home Inspections professional for location, age and suitability. The thermostat is checked for functionality, as are the vents, registers and filter.

Bathrooms are located and inspected for leaks, damage to walls or ceiling by water. The 1st AZ Home Inspections inspector has the necessary tools to evaluate the plumbing and electrical systems associated with the bathroom.

Common living areas, family rooms or living rooms, game rooms and bedrooms are inspected by 1st AZ Home Inspections with a keen eye to the safety of the family living in the home. Secondary egress, fire and smoke alarm presence, door and window functionality.

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